The Premium Dining Spot for all the Visitors passing around the Nadi Airport Area either waiting for their flights or waiting to get transfers to the outer Islands. Situated just near the Nadi International Airport, this Spot is the unique Meeting Point for Namaka.

It had always been a dream of all the people to have a premium restaurant around Namaka that could give the best food quality yet keeping the prices in the reach of the common working group people that stay around the area .It is truly yours restaurant. You have to try it to understand what we mean.


Namaka Lane, Namaka




P O Box 10410

Nadi Airport, Fiji

To contact us:

Phone: (679) 6722438 Ext: 302

Fax: (679) 6720425

Mob: (679) 9930645

E-mail: catering@melanesianhotel.com

Captain’s Choice (Fiji) Ltd t/a

ZAIKA The Captain’s Table

Yours Truly RESTAURANT !!!

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